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Mr. RoqueIn Diane's dream her paranoia creates a Byzantine conspiracy as a rationalization for why she never became famous in real life. After her acting carrier failed she believes that success in Hollywood is only a matter of mafia connections or sleeping around. She imagines mysterious criminal forces who take full control over casting decisions. The mastermind of this consortium is Mr Roque. - (cinefreak)

Mr Roque represents to me the atrophied center of decision of Diane's brain. He has a small head mounted on a normal but paralyzed body and he is unclosed in some dark mysterious room which is supposed to represent its location: the heart of Diane's brain. He is supposed to take the decisions and to pull the strings but he doesn't answer by himself. In one word, 'Roque' means that he is a kind of 'control tower'. - (gandalf36)

Mr Roque, the Castigliane Brothers, and their agent The Cowboy are the power brokers who own the film that Adam is making. Roque is the top man, working entirely behind the scenes, exerting his power through the Castiglianes and others by insisting on having the girl he wants in the lead role. It is important to note that he has absolutely no cultural or creative interest in the film at all, but is simply exerting his power for the sake of it. He doesn't even know the name of the girl he is forcing on Adam Kesher and has to be told.

People like this guy and the Castiglianes really exist, and they squeeze the creative life out of Hollywood. Lynch is showing them for what they are in this movie. It's not too surprising that Disney/ABC decided not to show the TV pilot of Mulholland Dr. and did not commission the series. It was too close to the bone. - (martin-560)

Mr Roque and Rita

In the chain of calls, Mr. Roque is Diane's John this time around. In the logic of the dream, Rita was in a limousine heading somewhere. She never makes it there and goes into hiding. However, Mr. Roque was expecting her, as if her limousine was headed to a liaison with him. We find out later that Mr. Roque is working with others who are trying to replace Camilla Rhodes with a blonde haired woman. This fact means that Mr. Roque was most likely involved in the assassination attempt against Rita, and is now trying to find out what happened to her. - (Alan Shaw)

It seems to me that the “girl” who is missing is Camilla. The girl who has lost her memory and stumbled into the Havenhurst apartment block. The call starts with Mr. Roque, the studio mogul in charge of Kesher’s Sylvia North Story. Kesher is recasting the lead actress – we could suppose that Camilla is the original lead, missing, instigating this recasting. Roque orders the shutdown of shooting when it looks like he’s going to lose his director. That suggests to me that he’s a friendly face to the missing actress, trying to find her to put her back into the film (or at the very least trying not to lose his young hotshot director) rather than trying to get rid of her to replace her with the Castigliane’s Blonde Camilla. I think Mr. Roque is often misunderstood as being involved in the same schemes as the Castigliane bros. To me it seems more likely that he’s having to work with them to some degree (as kind of money men maybe), but he has his own objectives that supercede theirs (eg. keeping Kesher). I guess my point with all this is that the phone call chain conversations seems to relate to Camilla and not Diane. That’s why I reject the prostitution angle. Perhaps the phone call chain is simply Mr. Roque reaching out to connections who may have information about her whereabouts. - (blu-riven)

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Ray at Mr. Roque's officeMan behind the wall?

One thing that Dan said to his shrink - about there being a man behind the wall - "he's behind the wall but I can see him clearly, he's the one controlling it. he's the one causing it," that originally hit me as yet another blatantly nod to Wizard of Oz, but while this may be true I now think there's more to it than that. Take Michael Anderson's character Mr Roque - he is in that chair behind the plexiglas wall - the wall that can be seen through - and seems to have plenty of people answering to him. - (TC)

Ray talking to himself?

Michael J. Anderson was playing Ray. He IS Ray. This is not negotiable. David told the guy who played Ray, that he wants to bring in "little Mike" to play his character. He represents him. In the pilot, Ray has to go deeper and deeper into a building, down corridors, through doors - metaphorically deeper into his own subconscious to find a justification for what he has to do. - (TristanLove)

Thread: Mr. Roque = Ray's Conscience?

Pun intended?

  • Roque in French means castling

  • Castling means interchanging the positions of the King and a Rook (Tower figure) in chess. 

  • Card #16 in Tarot is The Tower »more

  • Castigliane (mobster brothers' last name) means castle people in Italian.

  • Castle and Tower both are the same word tour in French.

  • Selwyn is of Anglo-Saxon origin derived from the words sel (castle), and wyn (friend), roughly meaning "friend in the castle".

  • La rocca is the name of the castle where Beatrice Cenci was living and probably abused by her father. »the painting

  • Roque is an American variant of the game Crocket (the name was derived by removing the first and last letters). 
    Roque = the Cold Ball = the last ball played of your opponent.

  • Castigliane = Castigl[D]iane?


  • A movie reference? The possible origin of Mr. Roque is coming from Baum's 'The Wizard of Oz' books. In Oz, there is a character named Roquat, described as the Nome (Gnome) King, ruler of the underground world, a malevolent, devious, and treacherous character. He is "about 4 feet tall" (Michael Anderson is 3'7).

  • Virtually immobile, Mr Roque's only dialogue is the words "Then?" and "Yes?", leaving his underling to interpret his hidden meaning. ("O.K. you're a rock", Lynch coached him in his lack of movement. "Remember, a rock."). 

    Weirdsville USA: Obsessive Universe of David Lynch

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