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Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive Mulholland Drive Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive:

A road from Hollywood to the heights of Santa Monica passing by the famous HOLLYWOOD sign.

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Rita's walk downhill:

- Runyon Canyon Park
- 7400 W Franklin Ave
- 7200 W Sunset Blvd.
- 1612 Havenhurst Dr.

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View from Runyon Canyon Park 7400 W Franklin Ave 7200 W Sunset Blvd.

Coboy's corral Coboy's corral Beachwood Dr.


Beachwood Street at Sunset Ranch
3400 N Beachwood Dr. 

right below the famous "Hollywood" sign

Adam Kesher's:

6980 Mulholland Dr. is an unmapped area on Mulholland Drive. Authentic address is 3760 Eureka Dr. (Studio City)

Google maps arial shot | 3D View of Adam's house
Thread: Map of 6980 Mulholland Dr.

Gate to Adam's house Areal shot of Adam's house Driveway


L.A. Airport L.A. Airport

L.A. Airport:

Interior: Departures rather than the Arrivals level
Exterior: Terminal 2, opposite parking bay 5

Picture Gallery


Wally's Audition:

Paramount Studios

5555 Melrose Ave

Seen on Billy Wilder's Sunset Blvd. (1950)
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Paramount Studios Gate to Paramount Paramount Studios

Pink's logo Pink's Hot Dogs Corner at Pink's


711 N. La Brea Ave

Close to Melrose... and is pretty close to the Santa Monica Blvd. prostitution area. Pink's Hot Dogs is now featuring the "Mulholland Drive Dog" as one of their celebrity sandwiches (menu). 

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 Sunset Blvd.

Set location is Caesar's Restaurant
1016 W. El Segundo Blvd.

Picture Gallery | Interior Table Map

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Winkie's diner Winkie's diner Winkie's diner

Behind Winkie's: 

A Dumpster where the Bum lives behind a wall.

Aunt Ruth's:

1612 Havenhurst Dr.

This is not a valid street address. Havenhurst cuts off at 1500.
Real location is Il Borghese, 450 North Sycamore Ave

Outline of Ruth's apartment | Havenhurst Picture Gallery
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1612 Havenhurst Havenhurst gate 1612 Havenhurst courtyard

Sierra Bonita Sierra Bonita

Diane Selwyn's:

2590 Sierra Bonita Ave

Again, this is not a valid street address. Note that 1899 is the last # on Sierra Bonita Ave. Origin is 2900 Griffith Park Blvd. (Silver Lake)

Route Map | Sketch of SB courtyard | Outline of apt #17 | Picture Gallery

Thread: Outline of Sierra Bonita West-Courtyard

Sunset Blvd.:

Sunset Blvd. Sunset Blvd. Sunset Blvd.

Downtown L.A.

Ed's Office Ed's Office

Ed's Office:

Barclay Hotel
103 W 4th St

just two blocks away from Ryan Board and Club Silencio


Ryan Board Office:

Banks-Huntley Building

634 South Spring Street


Ryan Board Ryan Board Ryan Board meeting

Ryan Board Club Silencio parking lot

Club Silencio:

Exterior: The parking lot entrance is 
Palace Newsreel Theatre
630 South Broadway 

(directly across the street to "Ryan Entertainment"; you can even see the parking lot, when Adam leaves the building; watch the huge spot on the wall)

Tower Theater Interior of the Old Tower Theater

Interior: Tower Theater
802 South Broadway

This terra-cotta-clad building is located on the corner of Broadway and 8th Street (3 min. walk from parking log and "Ryan Entertainment"). Built in 1927 and designed by noted theater architect S. Charles Lee, it is his first theater design of eclectic style with French elements. Now closed and unoccupied.

Thread: theater interior/identity

Park Hotel:

Exterior: Facade is a typical backlot street scene seen at the end of 
"Inventing The Abbotts"

Interior: The "sleazy hotel" interior scene was filmed at the old Tower Theater (where Club Silencio was filmed in). Really steep balconies that goes up to the catacombs where there are these old, crumbling offices.

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Park Hotel Scene from "Inventing The Abbotts" Park Hotel


Deep River, Ontario Deep River, Ontario

Deep River, Ontario:

I'm going to DEEP RIVER, Ont !

Diane, Dorothy and Deep River

Related Link:

Deep River, Ontario Website

Note: Dorothy Vallens in "Blue Velvet" lives in Deep River Apartments (where she is repeatedly abused by Frank) - Diane is from Deep River, Ontario (where she was presumably abused by a family member) - (TristLove)
see Trivia and Sexual Abuse

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