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The piano ashtray implies that Laura DeRosa and Diane may have lived together for a while, in between apartments, maybe ex-lovers. This would explain why she let her in without caution, and takes the liberty to have an impolite hard tone on her. Switching apartment, sharing personal objects, and having harsh words, understanding each other's mood with few words (Diane doesn't bother to justify her mood and absence, Laura doesn't bother to elaborate), is a proof of a long and somehow deep relationship. If they were strangers, Diane wouldn't let her in, and bring the stuff to her outside. Especially given the situation she is in.
Why switching apartments??? I don't buy it. Certainly not to lose the detectives (her real name is still on the board at the entrance: well if we believe this dream evidence). We are not even sure Laura lives at Sierra Bonita (only the dream tells). Give me 1 good reason to switch "identical" apartments, a few steps apart? Different view? The presence of a rotten dead body in your bedroom? Bad memories in the walls? To fool the land lord? - (HarryTuttle)

DwarflandIf they were merely switching apartments ... why? Is one bigger than the other? One could make the case that Apartment 17 is a two-bedroom and that (even for a short period) Diane had a roommate. This is pretty untidy as why would the woman in Apartment 12 also needed to switch. Further, if they simply did arrange a switch, why does Diane have some of her stuff?
Another theory is that there was a personal relationship between the two women. One could make a case that they both lived in apartment 12 and Diane was the one to move out. This could explain the stuff she has of the other woman and the additional visit the woman makes to collect it. The question would then be why is the woman in Apartment 12's name not (jointly) on the apartment listing? One could make the case that she was a move-in lover but that leaves the question as to why Diane was the one to move and why the woman claims they switched apartments. Untidy.
DL wants to make this a mini-mystery. That is why he deliberately doesn't name the woman in #12 (Credits). So why doesn't he give her name? Because that would reveal that she is lying. Why do we take her at her word when she says they switched apartments? There is no band, there is no orchestra, it's all an illusion. - (ctyankee)

I think Diane first moved into #12 to be close to Camilla, who was living in #17 with the neighbor - as significant others or just roommates; you decide. Diane gradually started sleeping over with Camilla in #17; on those nights, the neighbor would sleep in #12. Diane may have been sleeping with Camilla with increasing frequency for weeks, months, or even years. Eventually, that became an every night affair, so the neighbor grudgingly said, "To hell with this; you take your stuff to #17; I'll take my stuff to #12; we'll trade leases, have the phone service transferred, and I won't have to look at your ugly face again." Very soon after the switch became official, Camilla either got her own apartment (perhaps on Havenhurst) or moved in with Adam. - (mdholic)

Moving boxes in Diane's apartment 17 Sierra Bonita is originally Camilla’s apartment. Camilla is living there until she stars in The Sylvia North Story, starts getting herself some money together, and meets Kesher. Now she can afford a better place, or even move in with Kesher … if they’re getting engaged it’s feasible. Meanwhile, Diane arrived in LA and holed herself up somewhere worse (I don’t think that she’s been in LA that long) … perhaps the Park Hotel. Camilla moves out of #17, but the rent is paid up for a certain amount of time, so Camilla lets her part-time girlfriend Diane (whom she met fairly recently on TSNS) move in there. Note how sparse Diane’s possessions seem to be: no TV shown etc, the place looks barely lived in recently – indicative of somebody who may have moved in from temporary accommodation such as a hotel.
The Woman in #12 (aka Lamp Lady) is a friend of Camilla’s, maybe even a relative – they do look alike and that has to be intentional (witness the strange looks in the dream between the two) who doesn’t particularly like Diane very much, but she used to spend some time with Camilla in #17 (maybe she even shared with her) and some of her stuff was over there. When Diane moves in she wants her stuff back, and Camilla has packed it up in a box and tells her to go over and ask Diane for it. The relationship between Diane and Camilla goes on a little bit longer, until the nasty break-up scene we see between the two…
But Diane’s hiding out in that apartment makes no sense whatsoever. Why would she hide out for three weeks, supposedly avoiding detectives then happily answer the door to the Lamp Lady? Just not feasible in my eyes. Additionally, if she answered the door then and the Lamp Lady has been knocking before, why did she not answer it before? I’ll tell you why … because she wasn’t there to answer it, at least she’s not been there a lot. It’s the only set of circumstances that makes sense. Unfortunately I can’t tell you where she has been … I just don’t know. But maybe the location of that goddamn red lampshade provides the answer. One suggestion would be the Park Hotel. It’s a location in the dream not overtly referenced in reality. - (blu

Lamp Lady and BettyIn my view, the secret to understanding why they switched apartments comes from clues that hint at what happened while Diane was in Apartment #12. In the fantasy we are told that Camilla might have been Diane's roommate in the scene where Betty and Rita have tried calling the "D. Selwyn" in the phone book. "Maybe that's your roommate," Betty speculates. And since Rita and Betty essentially became roommates in the fantasy, this most likely was the case for Diane and Camilla in real life as well. At some point, while living together, they went from being friends to becoming lovers. Then Camilla finally got a lead role in a more mainstream film being directed by Adam Kesher. Because it was a mainstream movie, Camilla finally had enough money to pay for her own place. So she moves out of Diane's apartment, although Camilla does not officially break up with Diane yet. However, Diane is still devastated, and she begins to get very depressed about being alone in #12.

If she was traumatized by Camilla moving out and having flashbacks in #12 of her old roommate, Diane certainly may have thought that she too ought to move out of #12 so as not to be haunted by the memories of their former togetherness. Or perhaps she began seeing the therapist we saw with Dan in the Winkie's in the fantasy, and the therapist suggested that she move out of that apartment. Whichever scenario is the case, Diane probably asked her neighbor, De Rosa who lived in #17, to switch apartments with her to help her distance herself from her obsessive memories about Camilla. Of course, she would not have asked De Rosa if there had not been a friendly relationship between them. And De Rosa agreed out of compassion for Diane, but also with some level of disdain for Camilla, which I believe we see in her eyes when she gives Rita an uncomfortable look during the fantasy when Betty and Rita first meet her. De Rosa was not entirely happy with the apartment switch because she saw that Diane was still in a relationship with Camilla, and she thought that was really the cause of Diane's problems.
Some reviewers have suggested that Diane and De Rosa were lovers who had broken up, and De Rosa had just moved out of #17 into #12 because of their breakup. This does not make sense because we clearly see that Diane has some of her own things in boxes as well. We know this because Diane has placed all of De Rosa stuff in one box, and when De Rosa is holding that box she looks at the other boxes in the room that are full of things just "to make sure" that none of them contains something that belongs to her. And Diane would not have things packed in boxes, as she clearly does in that scene, if De Rosa was the only one who was moving. I believe we must accept that Diane and De Rosa really did switch apartments.
Other reviewers have suggested that it was because Diane was trying to hide from the police after Camilla's murder, but does it really make sense that someone on the run from the police would really think she could get away by moving five doors down? No, I believe the police were looking to interview her about the murder because she was one of Camilla's known friends. I don't believe they necessarily thought of her as a suspect, although Diane certainly must have been afraid that they did suspect her. Yet, Diane did not move from #12 to #17 because of her fear, since, as her flashbacks show us, Camilla was still alive after the switch and she even visited Diane in #17. The flashbacks also show us that Camilla broke up with her during a visit to #17 and later called Diane at #17 to invite her to the fateful party at Adam's house.
De Rosa's mention about "three weeks" does not mean it has been three weeks since they have talked about the visit of the detectives, it only means it has been three weeks since the apartment switch. In Diane's dream, De Rosa tells Betty and Rita that she has been trying to get her stuff from Diane, and right before that De Rosa says, "But she hasn't been around for a few days." The dream seems accurate here because of the mention about De Rosa wanting to get her stuff from Diane. So it seems reasonable to assume that Diane and her talked just a "few days" before Diane had her dream. - (Alan Shaw)

DeRosa changed her appartment #17 with Diane's appartment #12. But why? What are the reasons that anybody would do such a thing? And how do we know that this is the truth?

  1. Diane is short of money. By loosing Camilla, she is loosing her income source (small roles in Camilla's movies) and she takes most of her money to pay the hitman. She lives in #12 a bigger and more expensive appartment in a good condition.

  2. DeRosa lives in the smaller and less expensive appartment #17. It's not in a quiet good condition.

  3. DeRosa desires Diane.

  4. DeRosa has similarities with Camilla.

  5. They changed appartments 3 weeks ago.

  6. Diane's relationship is broken. She was betrayed by Camilla. She is lonely, she is sad...

When you combine these facts you got the story: After the break up between Diane and Camilla, DeRosa sees a chance to get in love with Diane. She is making Diane offers. Diane uses DeRosa to get over Camilla. Maybe they got a sexual relationship. Diane is using the fact, that DeRosa falls in love with her. She asks DeRosa, if they could change appartments, because she is short of money. DeRosa agreed. She is hoping that this will stick Diane to her. But after changing appartments, DeRosa realizes that Diane isn't interested in her. It's a one way love. (I think most of us have similary experiences.)
Fact 2 is underpinned in the dreamscene, when Betty and Rita are exploring the appartment complex and are talking to DeRosa. We can compare the facades of the appartments and we just have to watch the acting of DeRosa. Look how she is reacting after Betty mentioned the name Diane; and notice the disregarding look at Rita. - (kar)


Diane is broken. A self-perceived failure. In her bid for stardom, her love life, even in her efforts to hold down a part time job at the local diner? She's facing up to having to return to Canada, a complete failure. The boxes in the apartment are not waiting to be unpacked, they're being packed up before she goes back home. The Lamp Lady knows Diane is off and wants her stuff back before she goes. - (blu)

If you look to the far left side, in the back, you'll notice a folded, unused box. The placement of the box does certainly suggest "yet to be used" rather than "previously used but empty," which to me further suggests an impending departure rather than a recent arrival. - (pclassic)

I think that part of the pilot and series was going to be a farce of incompetent hitmen and detectives. The hit on Rita/Camilla in the limo was botched, the detectives are shown to be dumb enough to not know the limo was a Lincoln instead of a Cadillac. Joe totally screws up the hit on Ed, he is successful but creates excessive collateral damage. I think the swap is another example, the shotgun hit was meant for De Rosa, the hitman went by the address and the sign just as Betty and Rita did and killed an innocent Diane Selwyn. Lynch could have left De Rosa and the switch talk out but he decided it fits somehow, and we just haven't figured that out. I don't think it has no answer, I think it is a hole that will be filled eventually because the switch could have been easily edited out. - (richdubbya)