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Lynch's Clue #2: Notice appearances of the red lampshade.

Another clue to the viewer that we have at least two alternate realities.

  1. In Diane's dream the red lampshade appears at the end of a phone-call chain, in the middle of Hollywood's Byzantine conspiracy. The call is not being answered. Possible interpretations:

    1. It's a visual clue to us, the viewers, that Betty/Diane is the last in this pyramid scheme of Hollywood behind the scene operators. This is reality poking its head in Diane's dream reminding herself that it was she who arranged the accident, both literally (when she arranged the hitman to kill Camilla), and figuratively (when she created a better version of Camilla in her dream). The phone goes unanswered because Diane is unwilling to acknowledge that she is, indeed, the one and only creator of such machinations; the viewers themselves only make the connection hours later, when we see another shot of Diane's phone. 

    2. The call is meant for Diane Selwyn in the fantasy sequence, but it remains unanswered as her body lies decaying at Sierra Bonita.

    3. They call for real Diane Selwyn. Since the Hollywood underworld controls the movie business, Diane would idealize acceptance in this world. "The girl is still missing" refers to Diane holing up in her apartment for weeks, imagining Hollywood to be clamoring for her.

    4. It's a replay of the call to attend the dinner party, only with Mr Roque as the initiator and Diane avoiding the call. It's her pathological way of dealing with reality. Diane feels that she should never have come. She should never have picked up the phone when Camilla called that night.

    5. Mr Roque's line "The girl is still missing" is referring to Rita. There is a shot of her sleeping under the kitchen table before the phone call sequence starts, establishing that she is the girl who's still missing... from the crash scene. Was she on her way to a liaison with Mr Roque?

  2. Another red lamp shade is visible inside the corner shop at Pink's (screenshot). In connection with the prostitute who looks like a doppelganger of Diane it could symbolize Diane being subjected to prostitution. We can spy a third red lamp shade at Havenhurst on first floor above Aunt Ruth's apartment (screenshot). Is it Wilkins' room?

  3. When Diane Selwyn wakes up and thinks of Camilla, we learn that the phone by the red lampshade is actually her own home telephone. When she answers it Camilla invites her to 6980 Mulholland Drive.

When Diane answers the door the neighbor, latter requests her dishes and the lamp. What does Diane need the lamp for? One sees a nude bulb coming out from Diane's packing boxes and even another lamp on the extreme right. It means that there are at least two lamp shades in Diane's room, two small lamps fixed on the wall in the living room, one big lampshade, a nude bulb and a simple lamp unpacked in the living room too. To borrow another usual lamp is not very plausible. - (gandalf36)

* Red lamp shades are often used to symbolize prostitution.