MulhollandDr.-TheMakingOf (reviewed by blu)

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Winkies Scene

Winkie's setWe see the early part of this scene being shot, from the dishes crashing ("Whoops, sorry about that"). Before Lynch calls action, Naomi is beating herself on the chest with one of her fists to pysche herself up for the scene. It's funny when we see Naomi get stuck on the line, "It's just an actress's photo resume".  

There's a small direction from Lynch telling Mark Pellegrino not to say his "done deal" line until we have seen Naomi zip her purse back up. That's all we get to see.

Lynch is no Stanley Kubrick; Naomi tells us that "sometimes we do one or two takes, and others up to eight or nine". I think that the bottom line is that Lynch knows what he wants and he seems to get it pretty quickly. Maybe due to the fact that his films tend to have pretty small budgets, and time preservation is important.

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