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Mulholland Drive, car crash

Sierra Bonita Courtyard

1612 Havenhurst, bedroom

6980 Mulholland Drive

1612 Havenhurst, bedroom

1612 Havenhurst, bedroom

1612 Havenhurst, kitchen

1612 Havenhurst, bedroom

Sierra Bonita #17

Sound stage


1612 Havenhurst, bedroom

Club Silencio

1612 Havenhurst, kitchen >

Referenced in Lynch's "Rabbits"

Sierra Bonita #17, kitchen

I believe it is significant that Betty is wearing a pink sweater that looks too small for her. It seems clear that the sweater is something Diane may have worn when she was younger, perhaps when she was Dorothy's age (The Wizard of Oz). This means that Betty represents an almost childlike innocence in Diane's past. - (Alan Shaw) 

1612 Havenhurst, living room

Sierra Bonita Courtyard    >

Homage to Vertigo (Madeleine)

On set

6980 Mulholland Drive

1612 Havenhurst, bedroom

Sierra Bonita #17, bedroom

Sierra Bonita #17, living room

Sierra Bonita #17, doorway

Winkie's restaurant (Dragonfly)


Beachwood Canyon, corral

On set with Carol

On set with Camilla

6980 Mulholland Drive


1612 Havenhurst

1612 Havenhurst  >

Reference to Queen in Alice in W.

1612 Havenhurst, doorway

6980 Mulholland Drive

Misc. Cast

Ed's office

Winkie's restaurant

Behind Winkie's

Winkie's restaurant

Sierra Bonita #12

Sierra Bonita #17

Note that the buttonholes on the neighbor's shirt are on reversed sides in both parts

I thought Amy Stofsky and Durinda Wood did a great job of putting together a stylish wardrobe. They were cheated at the Costume Designers Guild Awards when they lost the Best contemporary costume design award to the hideous designs of The Royal Tenenbaums. - (Johnny H.)

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MD Costume Sketch
by Johnny H.

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