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The Alphabet - unused footage

PostPosted: 01 Nov 2014
by Bob
From IMDb

If you are a Lynch fan you will know his early short film 'The Alphabet', even more so now that it is on Criterion's 'Eraserhead' release. What you probably don't know are part 2 and part 3, if they can be called that. I have no information about those films and have never seen them released anywhere else than on YouTube on various channels over the years, I assume it's unused footage shot for 'The Alphabet' that Lynch put into some kind of form at some point. Although unlike the released part or version they don't seem to add up to anything coherent, on a purely audio-visual level as a nightmarish landscape of sights and sounds they are just as interesting and effective, if not even more so, partly thanks to the delirious score which he apparently reused from his 'Absurd Encounter with Fear' and partly because especially part 2 has a lot more of the scary pale girl, decades before it became a staple in horror films.

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