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LH - saxophone

PostPosted: 04 Jul 2013
by joehan
This to me is a little bit wierd.

When Fred goes to a payphone to call his home right after his saxophone solo
you see that his saxophone is still right there, in the second bedroom.
Now didnt he just play a show with it? Or was the whole show just simply played with another saxophone?
Cause when he gets home after the Lona Lounge , Fred has this look on his face that he might have forgotten or left something at his house.
And the strange meeting with the mystery Man that tells Fred that he is still inside his house, even though Fred can see that he is standing right in front of him.

I wonder what the red drapes in the house symbolize.
Can they be like the curtains from a stage?
Like the stage is calling for Fred to come out and play his saxophone for the shouting crowd...

Hahaha might just be bogus but everything in the movie can be newly discovered every time you watch it!