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Cult fan?

PostPosted: 03 Jun 2013
by apetra88
Hi everyone! I'm a cinephile and of course I love Lynch films. I am currently writing my master thesis on cinephilia and cult films and I was wondering if you guys would answer some of my questions. I am not going to use your replies in my thesis, I would just like to get some inspiration for my topic.

Firstly, do you consider Lynch a cult director and his films cult? And if yes, what does that mean to you?
Cinephilia is the intense love and devotion to the moving image on an intellectual level, which makes me think that Lynch films, if they are cult, are definitely distinguishable from other cult films, such as b-movies, because they attract audiences who like to think about and discuss the mysteries of the film. What interests me is, did your ability to talk about it online add to your film experience? Also, the fact that so much extra film material and entire films are online, changed the way we view film. Do you mind staying in and watching a film on your laptop, or do you prefer going out?