DVD cover Optical Illusion

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DVD cover Optical Illusion

Postby outofthewoods » 22 Jun 2015

I've brought this up before a long time ago on the IMDB, thought I'd bring it up here too.


In the image above, it's easy to assume that is Naomi Watts/Diane on the cover.... b/c it is. :p BUT, b/c of the way the photo was edited and framed, if you really look at it, doesn't it ALSO look like Rita in her blonde wig? The other DVD cover even includes Rita in her blonde wig. But with this image, I can honestly see BOTH faces in this one face. Diane AND Rita in her blonde wig, probably due to the darkening of the eyes and the deep red lipstick. Is it just me or does anyone else see it too?


It also made me realize how, Rita and Camilla wear the deep red lipstick in literally EVERY single scene they appear in, while Diane wears red lipstick only ONCE (dinner party, Betty only wears pink lipstick). Curious... The way Diane dresses and wears the red lipstick to the dinner party makes it seem as though she's trying to BE Camilla, and the "blonde Camilla" is dressed like Betty with her pink lips, dress, and pearls. Then Camilla's red lipstick stains the blonde girl's pink lipstick. Gotta love Lynch.... Even when Blonde Camilla is auditioning for Adam, her lips are pink, and her dress is pink with silver sparkles, just like Betty's cardigan when she arrives in LA. Not to mention she is talentless like Diane supposedly is. Somethings gotta give...
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Re: DVD cover Optical Illusion

Postby Siku » 22 Jun 2015

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