Theatre of the Absurd

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Theatre of the Absurd

Postby Siku » 01 Nov 2013

For completely unrelated reasons I was just looking at the wiki entry for the Theatre of the Absurd. The very first paragraph struck me as uncannily MD:

"The Theatre of the Absurd (French: Théâtre de l'Absurde) is a designation for particular plays of absurdist fiction written by a number of primarily European playwrights in the late 1950s, as well as one for the style of theatre which has evolved from their work. Their work expressed the belief that human existence has no meaning or purpose and therefore all communication breaks down. Logical construction and argument gives way to irrational and illogical speech and to its ultimate conclusion, silence.[1]"

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Re: Theatre of the Absurd

Postby Xav » 02 Nov 2013

The "silence" is golden !

When I explored INLAND EMPIRE this 'Theatre of the absurd' also crossed my way on the internet. One of the reasons was my search for the meaning of "L B", which sounds like Albee, who was connected with that theater. Also the 'setting' at Mr K's is quite hilarious, may I say absurd? Anyways, Edward Albee also wrote a play called The American Dream, which in someways relates to Eraserhead, I think.

my two cents,

cheers Xav

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