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Relationship between Diane / Betty and Camilla Rhodes

PostPosted: 26 Oct 2013
by Erniesam
I find it difficult to get my view on the relationship between Diane / Betty and Camilla Rhodes into words. So, I made a simple oversight, but I cannot get this into this box. So I have to make it realy simple and without the useful graphics.

Realistic level:

Diane / Betty ---> Betty-look-a-like Camilla Rhodes ---> Carol ---> Camilla Rhodes

Metaphorical level:

Diane / Betty ---> Rita (Diane's dream to make it in Hollywood) ---> Camilla (Diane's real experience in Hollywood)
---> Camilla Rhodes

Look how Carol is not only a transition in appearance but in name also: the C and the R, which are the initials of Camilla Rhodes.