MD description from cable TV

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MD description from cable TV

Postby Camilla » 25 Oct 2013

I thought it was interesting when I saw that Mulholland Drive was playing on Showtime and the description reads as follows:

An actress goes to Los Angeles to audition for a director and falls into a conspiracy involving an amnesiac and a blue box.

so basically nothing we didn't already know but I found the movie description to be interesting, it refers to a 'conspiracy' and a 'blue box' as two central themes of the movie. I know the MD topic has been debated to death countless times and the 'conspiracy' is most likely referring to Roque > Adam Kesher > Blonde!Camilla Rhodes, which pretty much sums up the first half of the movie perfectly except for the cube which doesn't come into play until the final chapter of Act I and then isn't seen again until the end of the film. Anyway just me overanalyzing things again, I thought I saw another MD listing that had a different movie description for MD; something along the lines of "David Lynch is at it again, etc...."

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Re: MD description from cable TV

Postby Siku » 28 Oct 2013

It makes a good 23 word pitch or strap line I reckon.

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