108 Minutes - Something I Never Mentioned

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108 Minutes - Something I Never Mentioned

Postby kmkmiller » 14 May 2013

First I want to do a little spamming here....

A new David Lynch website was launched over the last few weeks ...

World Of Lynch

They let me contribute, which is cool and rockin' of them. And while I was writing my first entry, I realized I never posted this cool thing I found in MULHOLLAND DRIVE. (Or if I did and I forgot, maybe it won't hurt to post this again).

As most people know by now, I think the TV Show LOST has a connection to Mulholland Drive. If you know LOST, you know that Jack, just like Betty, in season 6 lands in LAX and spends a little time in a dream place they, LOST fans, call the sideways world.

Well in Season 2 we spend a good deal of time in this thing called The Hatch. In The Hatch they have to enter some numbers, and press a button every 108 minutes or the universe ends. Sometimes they forget to press the button and over loudspeakers you hear "SYSTEM FAILURE", "SYSTEM FAILURE," and the entire Island starts shaking, pretty scary stuff.

And so I always asked myself: why 108 minutes?? It's a pretty important number come to find out. But it was strictly by chance I came across a blog where some guy laid out the movie PULP FICTION in chronological order and it turns out the first thing in PULP FICTION -- in chronological order -- is Butch waking up after the boxing match. This happens at the 1:08 timestamp in PULP FICTION.

So I'm like, ok, I wonder if this happens in Lynch movies, and I was watching MULHOLLAND DRIVE a lot at the time working out my scene by scene analysis based on the well established Bardo Thodol reading of the movie that was, as it turns out, nothing new in the MULHOLLAND DRIVE world.

So I looked at what happened at the 1:08 timestamp of MULHOLLAND DRIVE and nothing much important happened so I figured, "Oh well," but then I noticed something a little crazy.

At the 108 minute mark -- 40 minutes after the 1:08 timestamp -- The Magician lays the big whammy on poor Betty. He crosses his arms (yes, the illuminati gesture, still not buying the grunt of an orgasm -- jesus peeps, get your mind out of the gutter) and Betty starts shaking.

Betty, at the 108 minute mark, experiences complete and total SYSTEM FAILURE, the dreamplace is over.

Has this observation ever been made before. Ever on the RT boards?

In any event, I mentioned this on the IMDB boards today, and some dude pointed out that at the 1:08 timestamp on David Bowie's SPACE ODDITY, after the long intro, Major Tom's spaceship makes liftoff.

If anyone is still in this buggy here are the real world occurrences of the number 108.

From Lostpedia.... the website that tracks all things LOST...

DHARMA and religious meanings
The number 108 has great significance in Eastern religion.
There are 108 beads on a mala, used by Buddhists and Hindus for chanting.
There are "108 Defilements of Buddhism"[1]
More specifically, one of the Buddhist readings of the number 108 is as the quantity of Klesas (mental defilements) according to the Tentai version of the Abhidharma Abhidharma (one of the main Buddhist doctrinary texts). [2]
A typical Japanese interpretation for the meaning of the number 108, used by both Nichiren and Pure Land schools, is given under "Shoshu Buddhist" (Shoshu is a controversial Nichiren school of Buddhist origins).[3]
Followers use 108 beads in their malas. They implement the following formula:
6 x 3 x 2 x 3 = 108
6 senses [sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, thought]
3 aspects of time [past, present, future]
2 condition of heart [pure or impure]
3 possibilities of sentiment [like, dislike, indifference]
Other outside occurrences

Mathematically 108 is associated with numerical powers. 1^1 * 2^2 * 3^3 = 1 * 4 * 27 = 108. Some theorize that this phenomenon was one of the reasons behind the religious significance of the number 108 since the ancient Hindu culture was among the first to derive such mathematical concepts as multiplication and powers.
The spherical angle between Los Angeles and Sydney is 108 degrees plus some decimal run over.[4]
There are 108 heptominoes.

108 MHz is the highest band for FM radio broadcasts.
To help in preparing the instrumentation for the Trinity atomic bomb test the "100 Ton Test" was fired on 7 May 1945. This test detonated 108 tons of TNT stacked on a wooden platform 800 yards from Trinity ground zero.

History & culture
108 minutes is the time it took Juri Alexejewitsch Gagarin to circle around the earth on his first spaceflight.
On New Years in Japan the church ring a bell 108 times to rid the 108 evils in the body.
In Hungarian historic tradition, recorded in Simon Kézai's Chronicron Pictum which was written in the XIV. century, the Hungarian and Hunnic nations are both consisted of 108 genus or stem.
Stonehenge is 108 feet in diameter.

There are 108 stitches on a regulation baseball, such as the ones used by the Boston Red Sox.
There are 108 cards in an Uno deck.
In the martial art Wing Chun, each of the 3 forms, and the wooden dummy training traditionally consist of 108 movements.
Misty May and Kerry Walsh, the 2008 Olympic Gold medalists in women's beach volleyball have a streak of 108 wins.
The New York Mets won 108 games during their 1986 season when they won the World Series.

Popular culture
In the J.J. Abrams-produced television show Fringe, character Morgan Steig was passenger #108 on Flight 627.
In Fyodor Dostoevsky's short story "Notes From the Underground" the narrator muses that science will one day teach man that he possesses neither will nor uncontrollable urges and is nothing more than a piano key or organ stop operating by laws of nature, and that if discovered, these laws could be used to compute human actions mathematically like tables of logarithms up to 108 - 000.
In Homer's "The Odyssey," Odysseus is forced to fight off 108 suitors when he returns to his wife Penelope.
The Chinese classic Shui Hu Zhuan there are 108 Stars of Destiny, heroes who band together for the cause of justice.

It's nice to see "The Odyssey" listed under Popular Culture, HA!

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Re: 108 Minutes - Something I Never Mentioned

Postby derekfnord » 17 May 2013

While driving today, I was lined up in a left-hand turn lane behind a car with the license plate "4MDS108". It reminded me of you and this thread... :-)

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