Second Cowboy scene

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Second Cowboy scene

Postby derekfnord » 15 Apr 2013

If I understand correctly, the Cowboy we see briefly at the party (the third appearance of the Cowboy) wasn't played by Lafayette Montgomery, because the party scene was part of the footage shot for the feature film rather than the series pilot, and Montgomery wasn't available at the time.

Does anyone know whether this means that the footage of the Cowboy in the bedroom ("Hey pretty girl...") was shot with the pilot (because Montgomery is playing him)? Or was it also shot later, and he just happened to be available that day, but not when they shot the party?

Just curious, because I'm thinking it would be very interesting if that scene *was* shot for the TV series...

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Re: Second Cowboy scene

Postby kmkmiller » 15 Apr 2013

this... would seem to indicate that the second cowboy scene was added during shooting for the movie and Lafayette was available for that.

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Re: Second Cowboy scene

Postby Bob » 15 Apr 2013

Good question. My guess is that both scenes were shot for the feature, The party scene took much longer to shoot and didn't require his presence as much as the doorway scene, so they went with a stand-in. :-(

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Re: Second Cowboy scene

Postby blu » 16 Apr 2013

The Cowboy in the party scene is not the same as the Cowboy in the dream, so it makes sense for there to be a difference. Diane's subconscious built up the Cowboy character based around her brief glimpse of him at the party, the bitter associations with Camilla, Camilla 2 and Adam. She knew nothing about him presumably but the emotions and connections are what built the character.

Or to turn the whole thing on its head we might suggest (as people have) that the Cowboy at the party was some kind of vision/hallucination/apparition, and that the party occurred AFTER the dream. Puts a different spin on the "how many times did Diane see The Cowboy?" question.

A stretch though that.

You know, weirdly I think that someone came up with some quotes from Montgomery about his role in the film years ago on RT, and it may have had mention of this. I can't find them with a couple of minutes googling though, so maybe that's the Fred Madison in me remembering things the way I want ...

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