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PostPosted: 22 Apr 2013
by kmkmiller
Why then does David even bother showing us The Cowboy at the party? A misdirection, red herring, or ... ? It must have some significance mustn't it?

if it was it wouldn't be the only red Harring in the movie.



But no, I don't think Lynch deals in red herrings, not in the business of fooling the audience willfully life is too short to making movies into a practical joke.

I just think The Cowboy showing up at the dinner party is part of....

Well. you know. here's the thingamajig. there is some scrutiny that any interpretation might need to go through, and so yeah I want to address the question to some degree, but it's also worth noting that the movie as dream as pieced together from dinner party scene is not airtight. For instance, I'm now thinking this:

Why, if the movie is a dream pieced together from the dinner party, ... why TWO Castiglianes? Why not just one of them in the Ryan Entertainment scene? Where does Diane get Vincenzo from? He's not in the dinner party at all?

See what I mean?

Well as it turns out in order to justify a different view of the movie, why I think The Cowboy is in the dinner party scene ALSO answers why Vincenzo is NOT in the dinner party scene.

The Dinner Party takes place in The White Lodge. The Cowboy can exist in both The White and Black Lodge. Vincenzo can only exist in the Black Lodge. Luigi in the White.

If I said more, it could be construed :angel: :angel: :angel: as an attempt to discuss things here that would be better discussed in this thread. :angel: :angel: :angel:


PostPosted: 23 Apr 2013
by blu
Bob wrote:
 ! Bob wrote:
I'd like to split this thread up into following topics:
- Blue Dumpster
- Freudian Analysis of MD
- Tower Theatre

Watch out for these changes.

Go for it.

I'm going to split a Red Herrings topic out too when you've made those changes, Bob, because I think there's a discussion to be had around that too.