When Rita opened the box...

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When Rita opened the box...

Postby Camilla » 22 Oct 2012

She woke up in South Africa, in a big house married to a guy named Mark oh and she goes by the name "Stacey" now.


I stumbled upon the Laura Harring movie "Ghost Son" the other day, and judging by the title at first I thought it was an update to that atrocious 90's Bill Cosby movie. However it ended up being a bizarre psychological thriller/horror story starring our very own Rita/Camilla as the protagonist. I won't spoil too much of the movie but I will say that things get very weird midway through the film, so weird in fact I thought it would be interesting to look at "Stacey" as a reincarnation/alternate version of "Rita/Camilla", perhaps a result of opening the blue box? I know Ghost Son doesn't have anything to do with David Lynch but I thought it would be fun to speculate and think about.

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Re: When Rita opened the box...

Postby Bob » 23 Oct 2012

It does have a sex scene with an imagined lover :whistle:


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