Dory Previn and roads to Hollywood

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Dory Previn and roads to Hollywood

Postby Siku » 15 May 2012

I'd like to share a song about Hollywood from dear recently departed Dory Previn RIP. As you may know Dory wrote Mary C Brown about a starlet who commits suicide by jumping from the Hollywood sign, inspired by Peg Entwistle. She worked in Hollywood in the 50s and 60s as a songwriter before finding success as singer songwriter in the 70s so she knew about the seedy side of Hollywood first hand.

The song I noticed the other day is the less well known Starlet Starlet on the Screen. Check out the last verse especially.

who do you have to fuck
to get into this picture?
who do you have to lay
to make your way?
hooray for hollywood
what do you have to do
to prove your worth?
who do you have to know
to stay on earth?

who do you have to fuck
to become important?
who do you have to trick
to be picked for the flick?
hooray for hollywood
how do you make a virtue
of a vice?
who do you have to fuck
to get treated nice?

they lead you
like an animal to slaughter
you're inspected
you're graded
you're stamped
standard or prime
they hang you on a meat hook
where you age
but female meat
does not improve with time
they cut you up
and take the part that's tender
and when they're through
all that's left of you
is tough it's tough
the flesh is willing
but the spirit's growing weaker
enough! enough!
enough! enough!
enough! enough!
enough! enough!

who do you have to fuck
to get into a movie?
'cause you promised
the home-town crowd
you would make them proud
hooray for hollywood
and you wait for the phone to ring
in a vine street motel
and you write your folks
that being in the movies is
really really swell
if that's anyone's idea of heaven
who do you have to fuck
to get into hell?

hooray for hollywood!

I was intrigued by the Vine Street motel so to find out more checked out Wiki. Somehow I got this first:

The intersection of Hollywood and Vine is the location of the Hollywood Walk of Fame so symbolically it's clearly the right part of town.

But according to the disambiguation "Hollywood and Vine" is also a movie: ... 45_film%29 Intriguing... Anyone seen it?

I love the alternative title "Daisy Goes to Hollywood"... Anyone reminded of Bettie? I thought I ought to investigate further so had a look at and found this synopsis:

"A young girl arrives in Hollywood determined to become a star in the movies, but finds that attaining stardom is a lot more difficult then she counted on. However, she does become a star of sorts - as the owner of a dog who DOES become a movie star."

... WILKINS!!!

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