Raiders of The Lost Arc

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Raiders of The Lost Arc

Postby Erskine » 24 Feb 2012

Like nearly all of us. I have been working on a theory. Several infact, many lying dead and discarded, some on life support and some still fresh in the soil waiting to sprout, only to be cut down by the lawn mowers blade. Lately I have been attempting to identify the players of the tale that seem to be spread across several landscapes.

In this latest effort I have tried to identify and connect specific narratives using the mostly visual clues that appear that let us know that the narrative has changed. The clues however also let us know that eventhough we are in a different narrative, the same story is being told. There are no chapters on the DVD.

As an example. We may see the opening dance sequence, the ghostly images and the camera descent into a pillow as the first introduction into Narrative 1. The second introduction is Mulholland Dr. a dark haired woman, gun, accident, detectives, a red headed woman and so on as Narrative 2. This continues as introductions are made leading into The Narrative that are likewise broken by other introductions until everyones been introduced so to speak.

The introduction of Adam Kesher, Castigilane Brothers, Mr. Roque and others is very useful. There is no Rita, Betty, Diane, and we have a Blonde Camilla Rhodes on a photo. We are witnessing a different narrative, which like the others is littered with clues that elude to the shared tale of which the other narratives are also woven.

This essentially never stops, and complacency of the viewer will lead to confusion. A fine example is when Betty leaves for and has her audition, we witness a Betty that is quite different from the one who was rehearsing her lines. We all know this. However, crossing from the audition over into Adam's set is a clue that we are peering into Adams narrative, for which there is no Betty Elms but only familiarity with who she may represent.

I suspect that within there may also be microcosms that elude to the same tale within the larger structure. If we were to watch what plays out at Club Silencio as a spectator in the audience what is the story we would get out of it? The clues are there, the story is there, visually, musically, and in words, lyrics. Does it end there? No. Not until we are again back at Club Silencio with the Blue haired lady. Club Silencio tells its version of the same tale. Irrespective of who we believe to be Betty and Rita in the audience.

Connect the parts that belong with eachother.

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