Wall, Shower, Glass

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Wall, Shower, Glass

Postby Erskine » 23 Feb 2012

I can see him through the wall. I can see his face and I hope I never see that face ever outside a dream.

Suddenly something catches her eye and
she opens the shower stall. There before her is the naked,
beautiful dark-haired woman.

There is a solid glass wall that
we now notice running the width of the office. Cut into the
glass wall is a small speaker microphone apparatus. Beyond
the glass off in the center of the room is a man sitting in a
very plain, blonde, wood, modern, yet not motorized,
wheelchair. The man is paralyzed except for his right hand
and head. His head appears small in relation to the size of
his body. His suit is immaculate and one of the finest we've
ever seen. His manservant stands in the shadows behind him.

Dans reaction when he "sees" the face outside a dream:

Dan lurches back. All his breath is suddenly gone. He falls
back into Herb who tries to catch him as he's falling. Dan
hits the ground unable to breathe - his eyes wide with

Rita reacts to Betty:


I'm sorry, I'm just so
excited to be here..I mean I just came
here from Iowa and now I'm in this dream
place. You can imagine how I feel.


I think I've been hurt.

Rita also reacts physically disturbed when Betty's line begins at "now I'm in this dream place, you can imagine how I feel"

Incidentally Betty is spelled "Bettie" on the note signed "AuntRuth" ;-)

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