MD as a television pilot

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Re: MD as a television pilot

Postby kmkmiller » 27 Jul 2013

Revealing the killer took the mystery away, but revealing the dream just adds more mystery, so I don't see it undermining the show in the way revealing Laura's killer did.

it has more to do with how TV audiences respond to the dream device and how it's used within the context of the show.

if you're on this forum, then it's a really safe bet that you're someone who enjoys how a dream can be woven into the context of a story. In short, we can tell the difference between Bobby Ewing stepping out of a shower in DALLAS making the previous season a dream which was a shortcut for the writers, and Dorothy waking up in The Wizard of Oz. But a lot of people (people who will never care enough to visit a forum like this) can't tell that difference. Please do note how the writers of shows like LOST have to constantly -- and I do mean constantly -- re-assure their fans that everything they are seeing in the show is real.

You can have Cooper in TWIN PEAKS talk about dreams, and even use his dreams to solve a crime, but if you had Cooper wake up in an episode and he was suddenly someone else, half your audience is gonna scream the show "jumped the shark." Basically, if MULHOLLAND DRIVE the movie was a TV show, then the day after they showed Diane wake up (presumably in the opening of the second season), only half the audience would say "Cool. Wow!!" The other half would be saying "What???!!! You mean everything that happened in season 1 never happened or mattered!!!!???? It was JUST a dream. Thanks for wasting my time, David Lynch."

Trust me on this.

And I trust that Lynch is savvy enough about TV audiences that he knows this.

So... now that I think about it... this is probably just a coincidence but Lynch does have one of his main characters step out of a shower. ........ Was Lynch a DALLAS fan?? boggles the mind. ROFL ROFL ROFL

as a coda on all this, INCEPTION was all just a dream, but Nolan's pretty cool and figured out a way to make what happens in the dream meaningful and consequential. He incorporated planting an idea and corporate espionage. Maybe Lynch could have done something too.

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Re: MD as a television pilot

Postby jonatan_silva » 24 Apr 2015

Is there any source to download it?


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