A leopard can never change her spots…

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A leopard can never change her spots…

Postby somethingbad » 26 Nov 2010

When we see Diane masturbating on the sofa she is wearing knickers with a near Leopard skin design!

This Leopard has changed her spots though because she is wearing denims over the knickers? I thought this scene took place some time after the visit from the Wi12 and before the visit from the old people on Diane's last day.
I guess it still could have done and Diane could have changed for a while out of the robe before changing back into it again but that doesn’t seem right?
It seems more like she’s also remembering unsuccessful fantasies? When she sits on the sofa with the coffee on the last day she does nothing but sit on the sofa and there is no attempt at a sexual fantasy session on that day and to remind herself why not she remembers some recent unsuccessful attempts.
I don't think it makes a huge difference to anything really it's just that I had always thought these scenes were also happening on her last day and not part of the flashbacks.

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