The Facts about the creation of the "10 Clues" is what?

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The Facts about the creation of the "10 Clues" is what?

Postby Film Syncs » 26 Oct 2010

This is posted on the LoMD site regarding the 10 Clues to Unlocking Mulholland Dr.:

The idea leading his viewers on a paper-chase seems a little unconvincing as it goes against Lynch's usual habit of letting his work stand alone. I think you have to consider the fact that Lynch was pressured to come up with these clues by the French production company that was losing millions. When these were released the film was a disaster financially and the general buzz at that time was there was no plot to figure out. I think the clues are important and relevant but not necessarily the 10 clues Lynch would really give if he wanted us to figure out what his exact intentions were. He had said before these were released and after they were released that he would never reveal what MD meant to him, it was up to everyone to have their own vision. - (richdubbya)

If you check the Internet on this subject, you get things like:

- Lynch provided the clues but was forced to because of a legal commitment
- The production company came up with the clues, not Lynch
- Lynch did it to create some buzz given the returns of the movie's box office and wanting to help video sales.

So my question is ... do we really have any factual information on this subject and what is the nature of the information? If we have something concrete, we should also update the website with that information and source.

The only thing I've read is the same third-hand stuff and repeating it over and over doesn't make it factual.

So, what are the facts? Anybody know? Sources?

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Re: The Facts about the creation of the "10 Clues" is what?

Postby blu » 28 Oct 2010

From The Guardian in '02. Sometimes I have a semi-decent memory, and seemed to remember the claiming they were involved somehow.

Much has been written about David Lynch's acclaimed Mulholland Drive, and very little concluded (at least not definitively). Almost every scene of this dazzling spaghetti junction of a movie raises more questions than it cares to answer. Since the film's release, critics and film-goers have been falling over themselves to try and explain its underlying meaning.

In the end, of course, there's only one man who knows for sure. Which is why we've asked David Lynch to personally provide 10 clues to help unlock the film's mystery. Courtesy of Canal Plus, the legendary director has agreed to help out.

Using Lynch's clues, your mission is to write your own interpretation of Mulholland Drive and to explain the film's riddle once and for all. The writer of the best, most convincing and well-argued explanation will win a round-trip for two to Los Angeles.


I certainly think that David would have viewed the opportunity to write these clues as another chance to be a little slippery with us. It's been mentioned before, but the clues are clues (or 'keys' as I'm sure I've seen them referred elsewhere) to unlocking the film and not solving it. That seems to indicate that they are to be used as some kind of mental workout to get you in the right mind to think about the possibilities that are there, rather than sheperding you down a particular path.

That's all I have on that one though.

There used to be records of the chat logs on a site somewhere from when he was around. I wonder if he ever mentioned it there. I'll see if I can dig out the url of the site.

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