Hail, Caesar!

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Hail, Caesar!

Postby Siku » 24 Aug 2016

Loved it. I actually went twice (although mainly due to coincidence of social events, but enjoyed it just as much 2nd time).

Lot's of little tie-in's to MD for you all to enjoy:
Main character's choice/plot trajectory: face reality or stay in the dream world?

Classic Hollywood setting and locations

Alden Ehrenreich's brilliant Golden-Age-of-Hollywood Cowboy
The Cowboy.jpg

Alison Pill's Mrs Mannix making coffee in the dingy green kitchen, blonde bob and all
Mrs Mannix makes coffee.jpg

Verónica Osorio's Carlotta Valdez (yes ref to Vertigo), Rita-like starlet
Carlotta Valdez.jpg

Oh, and doppelgangers: Tilda Swinton

And no doubt loads more I've missed...

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