"Oh, Camilla was great in that!"


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Wilkins and DianeWilkins was the man at the dinner party who said, "Oh, Camilla was great in that." when Diane was talking about the Sylvia North Story. The original MD pilot shows that Wilkins lives at the Havenhurst apartments right above Betty. And Adam was going to bunk up with him. Hence, if there was to be a TV show Wilkins probably would have had an extended role. In the unaired Pilot version we also see his dog.

Interesting to see in this shot of Diane and Wilkins, just how obvious it is that Wilkins is deeply, rapturously and impossibly in love with Diane. He never looks at her, fails to lead conversation, but listens intently to all Diane says. Poor schlub, he's hardly breathing … How much of the tragic love story of 'Mulholland Dr.' belongs to blink-and-miss Wilkins? - (Rochas)

Wilkins' dog (shot taken from pilot movie)Wilkins is also the one whose dog leaves excrement in the Havenhurst courtyard during the fantasy. This excrement may represent what Diane's mind thinks of how sound his judgment is amongst other things. Diane thinks SHE would have been great as Sylvia North, whereas Camilla stunk in that role. There are seven pieces of dog poo in Havenhurst courtyard. Wilkins speaks seven syllables at the party, each of which hits Diane’s ears like a turd. - (mdholic)


Scott Coffey in "Lost Highway"

Watts and Coffey at filming "Ellie Parker"

Coffey in "Lost Highway"

Coffey directing Naomi Watts (Ellie Parker)

Coco calls to Wilkins in an early scene, complaining about his dog’s faeces on the courtyard. In the TV pilot script, Wilkins is a writer and has a small part with Adam Kesher. The dog do's reportedly caused conflict between the ABC executives, who felt they could safely be omitted, and Lynch, who favoured a lingering close-up. In the end, they agreed they could occupy up to an eighth of the screen. In the film, I can’t see any reason for keeping them, or Wilkins, other than Lynch thumbing his nose at his tormentors, possibly not for the last time in the film (see interpretation for the characters of Mr Roque and the bum). - (bunter)

Scott Coffey (who plays Wilkins) has spent considerable time with Lynch, and a little with Watts, besides: both actors were in Tank Girl apparently. He has also appeared in minor roles in Lost Highway (as Teddie), Wild at Heart (his character Billie was edited from the final cut of the movie) and Rabbits (as Jack). 

He is also a writer and a director. His 16 minute short Ellie Parker (2001) about a day in the life of an Australian actress (Naomi Watts in the title role) trying to survive in Hollywood features many people who are associated with David Lynch in one form or another: Gaye Pope (formally Lynch’s executive assistant and publicist, she is also Scott Coffey’s mother), Jennifer Syme (previously a receptionist at Lynch’s company Asymmetrical who died in April 2001 in a car crash - she also appeared as Teddie's girlfriend in Lost Highway) and Johanna Ray (Lynch’s casting director).
There's another 7 minutes short film with Coffey and Watts in the lead directed by David Baer. It's called "Never Date An Actress". »clip here

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